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Serios Kathy tried to seek medical attention for abnormally heavy periods that were leaving her feeling so faint that she was unable to stand, four different medical professionals said it was all in her head.

They concluded she was simply struggling with anxiety and perhaps even had a serious mental health disorder.

It took nine months for Kathy to therd diagnosed with potentially life-threatening uterine fibroids that required surgical intervention. And that was only after she took it upon herself to demand an ultrasound.

She was suffering from anemia, not anxiety. Ultimately, this complicated interplay between gender roles and the health care system could be putting lives at stake.

Other women have also recounted visiting dozens of doctors for help with painful periods, only to be offered anti-anxiety medication and sent home. In March, the New York Times reported that this is one major reason why the symptoms of endometriosis go ignored in young girls.

The issue extends beyond the female reproductive. Multiple studies have found that medical interventions to manage pain, ranging from ant surgeries to opioid prescriptions, are less likely to be recommended for female patients.

According to a National Pain Report survey conducted last year, a staggering 90 percent serioux women with chronic pain feel that the health care system discriminates against. In fact, the modern-day stereotype that women are dramatic, irrational, and crazy has its roots in a gendered approach to health.

Stretching back to at least as early as B. Since then, the notion of female hysteria has persisted, often as a method of deploying health professionals to keep women in line. During the s, for example, the women Fort collins tits attempted to rebel against the Victorian-era domestic expectations for their gender were labeled hysterical and placed in mental asylums and, in some extreme cases, were forced to have hysterectomies.

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Not every woman is as persistent as Kathy, whose symptoms were finally diagnosed after she kept following up with emergency room, urgent care, and primary care doctors. Jennifer Tremmel, a cardiologist at Stanford University, told NPR after the results from that heart attack study were published. Clinical trials have overwhelmingly been comprised of menwhich means that our current medical research is skewed against the information Are there any serious women here may be more accurate for women.

SGWHC advocates for bringing a sex and gender perspective to clinical practice. Werbrinski and her colleagues believe more work needs to be done to integrate this knowledge into medical education.

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