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Redhead fucking and lactating. Dyanna Lauren Fucked Good. But then … the perfect opportunity presents. And they are not scheduled to return until late Sunday evening. Misty has a gymnastics meet on Saturday so Michael stays Shkw town and willingly takes her to her meet and stays so that he can watch.

And even though she has her skin-tight leotard on … or maybe because it so is so tight on her, he is still aroused while he watches her go through her routines. He loves seeing her muscles flex underneath her garment. He just hopes that no one else notices his bulge as he leaves the stands to go and pick up Misty. She readily agrees, but she wants to go home to shower first and wash her hair. Even the thought of her being freshly showered arouses him and he wonders if she is aware of how it affects.

From his taller vantage point he can see just a hint of a black lacy bra underneath her top. On her sexy feet, she is wearing a pair of sexy wedge-style high heel shoes that are open toed so that her freshly manicured toes are shown Show daddy your private local moms who want to fuck. His dick already starts rising ddaddy he wonders how he will get through the night. When he gets to the restaurant, he orders a mixed drink before the meal and downs it rather quickly.

Then he orders another with the meal. The only problem mooms the Rhodehouse, is that it is really noisy, which makes it hard to talk. Whenever they say something they both have to lean forward a little to be able to converse. This action causes her top to gape open and he gets so turned on from staring at the upper portion of her chest that gets exposed as well as the top of her lacy bra.

His poor dick gets VERY hard and stays that way … so hard that it aches with desire. While they eat, all sorts of sexy scenarios go though his mind as he stares at his sexy daughter who now looks so grown up. He orders another drink after dinner before they leave and he almost wishes that he could get her drunk Fannin texas girls who want to fuck take advantage of.

By now, he is so aroused that he wants her so very badly. The combination of the intense feelings in his crotch as well as Show daddy your private local moms who want to fuck liquor that he has consumed is clouding his judgment. His desire is now so great that he comes up with an action plan on the way home.

His foggy brain wants Ladies wants hot sex doncaster taste her juicy young pussy and possibly even penetrate. At the same time he wonders if she is still a virgin. Once they are home, he suggests that he can make them some hot chocolate and then they can sit on the couch and watch whatever movie she wants.

She decides to change out of her dress clothes. On his way back out to the kitchen he tells Misty to pick out a movie that she Show daddy your private local moms who want to fuck to watch. He makes two cups of steaming hot chocolate and then drops the two Ambien into her cup, stirring it. He figures that that will be enough for her not to wake up or remember anything from the evening. Then he takes the Viagra himself and heads out to the den where the television is.

There he finds Misty wearing only a Show daddy your private local moms who want to fuck nightshirt that just barely covers the cheeks of her big delicious beautiful ass while she stands there perusing the movie selections.

That lovely ass is shown off even more when she leans over to poke the DVD into the player. He is vainly trying to conceal his arousal when she comes over to cuddle up next to. They sip their hot chocolate and watch the movie. At this point, he is afraid to even touch her except for draping his arm over her shoulders.

He has to resist the urge to slide his hand down and play with her nipple. Rather soon her cup is empty and he knows that it is only a matter of time before she slides off into a deep sleep. Sure enough, about thirty minutes later; she kind of crumples over onto his lap. Leaving the movie running, he gently rolls her Ordinary guy seeking sexy distraction her back on the couch and suddenly, he is having second thoughts about what he has just.

He Chica designs bangalore there in extreme turmoil, wondering if he should even touch. He lifts them into his lap and caresses them for a while before he lifts one foot up and starts licking and sucking on her lovely little toes. He sucks on them one at a time and runs his tongue in between. But as innocent as this seems, it does nothing to reduce his arousal, it only makes it worse. After a while, he is so damn turned on that he is shaking and his cock is throbbing inside his pants.

In addition, it is already noticeably wet with a large droplet of her teenage honey oozing down the crack of her ass. He has to admit that the lips look so smooth and so uniquely inviting that he is salivating while he gazes upon it. Even so, he is still very reluctant to touch her. Although he is hesitant to put his hands on her, his resistance is quickly breaking down from the sight of her obvious arousal.

Once more he Hot ladies looking sex tonight burlington vermont he should not be doing Horny women in powhatan point oh when he slides off of the couch onto his knees so that he can spread her legs some.

He grabs a pillow to put under his knees before he starts kissing up and down her inner thighs, getting closer and closer to her most private area.

It is the intoxicating scent of her arousal that is his undoing. It assails his nostrils, driving him to frenzied kissing activity so close to her womanhood. And Show daddy your private local moms who want to fuck, even though he knows better, he pulls her body toward him so that her ass is near the edge of the couch. Then he buries his face in her fragrant crotch where he is licking and sucking on her smooth pussy.

She tastes delicious!! He loves the flavor of her sweet teenage honey-pot! Her tasty nectar, like her scent, is like an aphrodisiac to him! He licks her outer lips and runs his tongue up Show daddy your private local moms who want to fuck down the entire length of her slit. He is not in a hurry because he knows that she is going to be knocked out for a long.

He occasionally pulls back to study them as they get puffier and puffier from his activity. He pushes her totally limp legs further apart, placing one foot up on the arm of the couch and the other on the floor. Then, using his fingers, he spreads apart her lips to reveal the soft, tender pink flesh inside. He licks her soft and delicious wet slit from the back to the front several times, pausing to slide his tongue into her opening and he even tongue-fucks.

At the end of each stroke he sucks on her hard little clit that is now standing up so prominently. He loves how big and hard that they get from his manipulation. While he is playing, he almost wishes that she would wake up about now so that he could give her a wonderful orgasm.

Then he gets a little more daring … he very slowly slips the middle finger of his right hand into her wet velvety opening, fully expecting to find her hymen intact. He is a little bit jealous of him in fact. He starts finger fucking her, pulling out his finger every once in a while to lick it clean.

Then he slowly adds a second finger to stretch her out a little. At this point, he starts to regret giving her the sleeping medication since she is just lying there unresponsive. However, his cock is still so hard that it almost feels like it is going to burst. He decides that he wants to lie down behind her and cuddle up to her warm body so he gently rolls her onto her left.

He slithers up behind her and spoons up to. In this position, his Horny in albuquerque new mexico ns clothed cock is nestled between her still bare ass cheeks. Instead he drapes his arm over her and he gently fingers her pussy some more while Show daddy your private local moms who want to fuck thinks about the predicament that he is in. His hard cock throbs against her ass cheeks and suddenly he thinks that maybe he can just stroke his cock between her thighs and use her as a masturbatory toy to give some relief to his aching member.

He is so excited about that idea that he struggles to Sweet women seeking casual sex teen sluts down his pants and underwear far enough down his legs to release his dick without getting up. He finally gets his cock out and the first time that it touches her body, it feels like and electric shock going through.

Once again he is so aroused that he is shaking! Then he starts moving back and forth, his cockhead dragging against her labia. It feels so good and it is turning him on so much!

He tugs and pulls up on the nightshirt until he can play with her still hard nipples some. Then he figures that maybe he can get by with just putting the tip inside of.

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With his heart pounding with anticipation, he manages to tug and pull until he can get her nightshirt pulled completely off of her lithe teenage body.

He then lifts her deliciously thick right leg high up in the air and holds it there with one hand while his hard throbbing cock begins probing her Show daddy your private local moms who want to fuck. A moment later, with the help of his fingers, he finds her opening and begins pushing his cockhead ever so slightly into her young teenage body. Even though he feels Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight clarksville tennessee she is not a virgin, her pussy is so very tight while he gently forces his cockhead inside.

He only has a couple of inches inside her when he begins slowly fucking her, loving the way that her pussy grips his cock. He has never been this turned on!! Her pussy is so tight around his invading member and it feels so fucking good!!

Show daddy your private local moms who want to fuck

dwddy He figures that he probably has mos half of his cock inside her as whl is fucking her and it ro like from the tightness that that is all that might fit inside. Once again, he is in no hurry because he wants these wonderful feelings to last as long as they.

He manages to pull out just in time and he grasps his cock in his hand to stroke it just as his orgasm slams into. The first rope of white hot cum spurts out with such force wabt it lands all the way up on her neck! Then he continues to shoot privtae ropes of privare cum all over her tits and belly, coating her from her belly button to her neck.

It is an intense orgasm for him as he watches his gooey white cum cover her lithe little body. His cock twitches a few more times in the final stages of his orgasm and a few drops land on the top of her mound. When he is done, he just lies there exhausted … unmoving while he tries to recover. He briefly considers hSow he has just done and the reality of his deed hits him like a ton of bricks!! He has basically just raped his own daughter! For a few moments he fears that she might wake up or that she might subconsciously remember what happened.

He dozes off for a while, still spooned up against her with his cock pressed against her sloppy gooey pussy. When he awakes, he knows that he should try to clean Misty up and get her into bed. His pants are still around his ankles so he struggles to either get them off or get them pulled up. He finally gets his shoes off so that he can kick the rest of his clothing go. Naked from the waist down, gour gets up and lifts his very limp and still nude daughter into Sound student easy on the eyes seeks similar arms to carry into her bedroom, her legs and pivate swinging rather wildly as he walks.

By the time that he gets to her room, he is fully omms again, his rock hard cock sticking straight out from his body as he lays her on the bed.

His rock hard cock starts probing the wetness of her pussy and it finds her opening priate a heat seeking missile. He begins to very slowly push his member inside of. Shod moans Show daddy your private local moms who want to fuck her drugged state and he stops for fear that she might awaken, but she stays in her slumber.

Finally he is about as wgo as he was before and he wonders if she will ever be able to take all of this momw in her pussy. And then he admonishes himself for thinking that he could ever do this. Extremely slowly he fucks her privat he revels in wat wonderful feeling of her teenage cunt wrapped around his dick.

He leans down and kisses her while he fucks her, first on the neck and then on the mouth. He swears that her pussy gets tighter around his cock, especially from the neck kissing. However, as he continues to slowly fuck her, he feels like her very tight pussy might be starting to loosen up a little. After a few minutes, he starts moving very slowly again, sliding his cock in and out of. The next time his arousal comes up rather daddyy, surprising him when he feels the point of lkcal return slam into.

However, once again, he manages to pull his cock out just in time and he rises up on his knees so that he can stroke his cock with hand. Immediately he starts spurting his huge load of whoo, white-hot cum all over her lovely belly and tits once more, adding to what has already partially dried.

This time Horny married men kirkland orgasm is so intense that he swears that he is spewing some of his insides out Show daddy your private local moms who want to fuck the end of his cock. Instead Lentner mo bi horney housewifes disengages himself from her legs and lies down beside Nude horny women in arendtsville pennsylvania, his breath coming in gasps from his exertion.

Once more he is wracked with guilt for what he has just done and how he Show daddy your private local moms who want to fuck to be unable to control himself when his dick gets hard. After a while, he takes her limp arm and uses her fingers to trace patterns in the white goody cum coating.

For some reason it turns him on greatly to see his incestuous cum all over her belly, tits and neck. As he lies on his side beside her, his cock Show daddy your private local moms who want to fuck pressing against the soft skin on her firm ass. Suddenly the Viagra kicks in again and once again his cock is hard as a rock. Once more he kneels between her legs. This time however, he grabs her ankles and lifts her legs high in the air while he and spreads them wide.

This opens up her crotch some more so that her drenched bald pussy is prominently displayed with the labia wide open and her soft pink inner flesh showing. He tongue fucks her and locla on her clit. After quite some time, it seems like her body must be Lez seeks same 4 hartford an orgasm of sorts, even in its drugged state, because she seems to stop breathing for a moment and then there is a large exhale coupled with an increase of her honey-like nectar that he immediately laps up.

By now, his cock is throbbing again with need. He slides his body up while still on his knees, and begins probing her wetness with the head of his cock. One more time his cockhead and steel-like shaft begin sliding into her body. As Young sexy milfs and more of his big fat cock slides into her velvety cavern, he pushes her legs even further toward her shoulders to open up her womanhood even more to his invading manhood.

She pirvate still very tight and her pussy grips his cock like a circular vice. However, a few moments later, there is about three-quarters of his total length now inside. He starts fucking her very wwnt, still not wanting to hurt her, but wanting to feel the wonderful feelings of her cunt wrapped around the complete length of his plunging cock.

She actually moans a little while he is slipping in deeper and he stops for a moment in Older sexy women naked of awakening. Show daddy your private local moms who want to fuck he fucks her very slowly, he is struggling not to start uncontrollably ramming his cock into her young body pirvate is his instinct. The visual of his cock sliding between her completely bald pussy lips is so very arousing to him that he nearly cums right.

He then folds her body completely in half until her thighs are pressed against her shoulders and her knees could almost be earrings as his cock slides Show daddy your private local moms who want to fuck and out of her deliciously juicy flowing cunt.

As he holds himself above her, he really loves seeing her hard nipples and the blissful look on her face. He takes his time fucking her, slowly easing more and more of his cock inside her prkvate pussy while still not believing that he is actually fucking his own daughter. After a while their bodies meet with his big cock fully inside of her young teenage body, which thrills him to youd end.

He Significant donation for something specific fucking her a Show daddy your private local moms who want to fuck privat which makes his Will pay cash to smell female feet lightly slap against her asshole on each inward daddt.

He fucks her slowly for a long, long time before his third orgasm starts to make its presence known. Once again he pulls out, but this time as it happens, he starts crawling up toward her head, leaving a gooey trail of cum from the top of her pussy, up over her belly and on both tits before finally ending up with the final couple of spurts onto her lovely lips and into her open mouth.

He uses the head of his dick to rub his cum all over her pink lips. He knows that he has to get the hell out of her bedroom before he attempts another nasty deed.

Without really thinking, he uses her own hands to rub all of his white gooey incestuous cum into her skin. Then, he quickly goes out and gets her nightgown and he slips it on. In the process, his cock happens to rub against her feet and once again he is fudk. He kneels at her feet and uses them to rub his cock until he shoots one last load of hot cum all over them, coating her toes. With trembling hands he rubs the gooey liquid into her feet before tucking her into bed.

He also dreams that he is being chased by both of them when he wakes up in a cold sweat. After a fitful night of almost no sleep, Michael finally gets kocal and slips on a robe to go to the kitchen to make a strong pot of coffee.

He is very worried that Misty will wake up and know what happened or even worse yet, that he made her pregnant.

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After getting dressed, he starts to make some Show daddy your private local moms who want to fuck for the two of. Although her pussy has never ached like this with her periods before, she wjo it to. I just started my period this morning. He knows that she cannot be pregnant and she apparently has no clue that he has molested his little girl. As he heads back to the kitchen to finish cooking breakfast, he smiles because he knows that has gotten away with Sjow his daughter.

Maybe sometime SShow the future there might be a repeat performance with her awake……. The bad news is tp the hotel messed up our hotel reservations. Love, Shannon. Continued in Chapter 2. A curvy, sexy Mom accidentally gives her son the wrong medication that gives him some unexpected side effects that she takes advantage of. Please read Privare 1 for some background in this story. While Michael and Misty are still sleeping on that Saturday morning, Shannon is busy driving her son, Stan, to his swim meet.

The meet is a few hours away from where they live so they had to leave Horny women in conway ar swinging early in the morning to get there in time. Shannon is a rather short, thick woman, but busty and curvy in all the privage places and therefore she Shwo absolutely gorgeous. Some would even call her voluptuous! Quite often she has been told that she looks a lot like the extremely sexy Coco Austin, even if she is a little shorter than she is.

She is a very prim and proper person in public, always loval very nice and even to the point of dho sexy at the appropriate times. However, behind closed doors, she is a very sexual woman who could almost be called a porn starlet. It seems like there is no time for intimacy. However, she is a HUGE fan of her son and tries to attend as many of his athletic events as possible, preferring to drive him there rather than have him ride on the bus.

He is a star player in all of the sports that he participates in and she is very proud of. Shannon and her son, Stan, are very close and so their conversation comes easily, even when discussing normally difficult subjects like intimacy.

Sometimes their talk even inadvertently gets a little flirty and she has to be careful to remember that he is her firstborn son and she should not get too flirtatious. He is tall, like his father, with a very muscular build from his participation in sports.

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Also, like his father, he is well endowed but he often tries to hide that fact. While wannt travel this morning, they are both in a good mood and they banter back and forth about several subjects.

Shannon and Stan are just getting to the location of his swim meet just about the time when Michael is taking Misty to her gymnastics event. Stan has to rush into the locker room to get changed and do some warm-ups before his first heat. Meanwhile Shannon goes into the stands so that she can watch his performance.

She gets a really good seat right in front Asian escorts canada the lane that he is to swim in. When Loxal comes out of the locker room and stands next to the pool in front of her, Shannon is really surprised at the size of the Showw behind his new, rather small swim trunks, especially in profile.

She also loves how his body is completely shaven except for his head for less resistance in the water. As he does a few more warm-up exercises in front of her, she is really able to study his lithe and well muscled body.

For a moment she fantasizes about what he might be Naughty wives want sex san francisco oakland in bed, but she quickly shakes her head to try to remove Show daddy your private local moms who want to fuck wwho, after all, he IS her firstborn son. The gun goes off and he dives into the water.

He takes an early lead and manages to just barely hold on to it to win his heat. He smiles wwnt her and gives his mom a thumbs-up sign before he heads off to the locker room. He comes out after a while and tells her that he has to swim another heat late locak afternoon.

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She loves how his tight muscular ass moves as he walks away and she imagines how it might look if he was driving that cock of his into. Once more she severely reprimands herself for thinking that way! Stan wins the afternoon heat as well and does so with the best overall time. He is really happy! He hopes to win tomorrow as well to help his team to victory.

After Stan showers and changes into his street clothes, they head off to the hotel. Once they get there, Shannon finds out that although she had booked a room far in advance with two beds in it, they get one with only one king-sized bed. She is furious, Show daddy your private local moms who want to fuck the hotel is overbooked and there is not another room with two beds.

She inquires about a roll-a-way but there are none available. The desk clerk tries several other hotels but they are all fully booked too because there is a huge rivalry football game in town. There is not a couch or I could have slept. Her voice softens a little. You can sleep in your underwear like normal and I have my nightgown. We have to celebrate your win. That last heat took Married lady want sex tonight la city lot out of me.

Can we order something to be delivered? Do you have any ibuprofen PM to help me rest? I really have to be ready for the finals tomorrow afternoon. He takes them and lies down while she goes and takes a shower. After she comes out of the shower, she slips on her rather filmy nightgown and is using a towel to dry her hair.

She walks out into the well lighted bedroom instead of into a dark one like she expects. Show daddy your private local moms who want to fuck

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She stops in Locanto canberra tracks when she Cotia nsa personals his tall, nearly nude muscular teenage body still lying on the Show daddy your private local moms who want to fuck of the covers. She wants to get him under the covers so she calls Show daddy your private local moms who want to fuck his name, rather softly at.

She quickly looks in the pill bottle and realizes that instead of the ibuprofen PM that he had requested, she had given him two of her doctor prescribed high dose pain medication pills! The pills are really good, but one of the possible side effects is increased sexual arousal, especially in males.

From her vantage point at the foot of the bed, she can see his cock through the leg holes of his boxers and she is astounded because it is HUGE!! Her pussy throbs at the sight of it!! In addition, she can feel herself getting wet down. She looks away and with shaking hands pours herself a glass of wine. She sits on the bed beside him and tries not to pay any attention to his bulge while she attempts to watch something on television.

Lady looking sex arch cape, her eyes keep getting drawn to his massive erection. She actually has to hold the wine glass with both hands to keep Show daddy your private local moms who want to fuck spilling it when she drinks.

Every time she glances at his huge bulge, her pussy tingles and throbs as she imagines what it would feel like to have it inside. It is so arousing to her! Her wine glass is soon empty so she pours some. Suddenly she is imagining climbing over him and trying to stuff that huge monster into her needy pussy. But … this is her very own son!! Or could she? The arguments start in her head, her logical, moral mind against her pussy-guided sexual mind.

She gets up and pours herself still another glass of wine and then she moves ever so slowly along the side of the bed toward. She is standing right beside him when she reaches out with her hand toward his gigantic cock, but before she touches him, she withdraws, still unsure. With her hands still shaking, she takes another drink of wine before she reaches out toward him again, only to pull back once.

She does this several times until her wine glass is empty. Only then does she finally place her hand on the top of his tent pole. It actually throbs in her hand and in that exact moment all of the negative arguments from her logical mind fly out the window. She moves her hand down the shaft to try to wrap her hand around it and it throbs some. Then, without any further thought, she is soon tugging and pulling down his boxers, trying to free his huge cock from the confines of his clothing while watching to Wytheville va adult swingers if he is going to wake up.

She finally gets them far enough down to release his huge cock and it still stands straight up. It is capped off with a lovely mushroom shaped head that is nearly purple! And his balls are huge too! She is so turned on by the sight of his massive exposed cock and his huge cum-filled clean shaven balls that her sweet mother honey is actually dripping out of her pussy onto her deliciously thick thighs.

She stares at the cock that she wants so much and wishes that it was attached to someone other than her own son! Her pussy is drenched!! The wine is making her feel nice and warm and even hornier and is also lowering her inhibitions. With that being said, she reaches out her shaking hand Free porsgrunn gay sex grasps his beautiful huge cock once.

She is barely able to wrap her hand around the massive shaft! Her pussy gushes with even more illicit desire while she ever so slowly strokes it. But there is no sign; he has such a blissful look on his face.

After several minutes, a pearly drop of pre-cum appears on the tip and without even thinking, she leans down and licks it.

What the fuck are you doing??!! She allows her saliva to run down his shaft as lubrication for her hand as she starts stroking him more firmly. Then she pulls her mouth off of his cock to kiss her way down his shaft to his smooth, clean-shaven ball sack. She kisses and licks the sack before she takes his balls into her mouth one at a time. She sucks on them gently, knowing that they are full of hot fertile cum, while she continues to stroke his cock with her hand.

Although she tries, she is not able to get both of them into her mouth at the same time so she has to be content with taking Discrete clive married women at a time and sucking on it while running her tongue Show daddy your private local moms who want to fuck over it. Then she finally releases his ball sack and kisses her way back up his cock.

Then she takes the purplish mushroom head into her mouth once. She almost feels like she is another world as she pushes enough of his cock into her mouth to gag on it for just a second. Her nipples feel like Show daddy your private local moms who want to fuck are rock hard Wives wants casual sex grady she takes her free hand and slides up underneath her nightgown to fondle her tits and pinch her nipples while she wishes that he was doing it instead.

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